Why Register?

Product registration protects you, our customer, and helps our customer care team to properly expedite your warranty claim. All SNUGGBUDS HEADSETS come with a six (6) month replacement warranty. In addition, SNUGGBUDS offers a Wear & Tear policy up to 18-months which provides a "one-time" Loyalty Discount Coupon for 50% off (6-12 Months post-purchase) or 20% off (13-18 months post-purchase) on your next product purchase through our online store. For any warranty to be valid all customers MUST be registered in our online system. There are no exceptions. All customers are notified about our registration policy when they purchase online through our website store, our Amazon store or in person at sports expos where SNUGGBUDS may sell directly to customers/end users.

We recommend that all customers register products within 7-days post-purchase. Again, this product registration process is mandatory in order for us to honor either replacement or Wear & Tear warranty policies for defective or damaged product(s).

Any mail received by our team without a prior registration or without all required contents, such as the defective headset, the completed Return Form and receipt/proof of purchase (if available) will be held by our internal staff until the registration is completed by the customer.

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